Afloat for Mac OS X

Posted by Simon Walker on Wed 29 June 2011

After years of using Linux as my main system both at work and home, I got used to being able to drag windows by holding a keyboard combination and dragging with the left mouse button. The one disadvantage of the otherwise fantastic OS X is that despite being unix based, it did not have this feature. Having to drag a window by the very top bar got a little tedious, and resizing with the lower right handle was sometimes difficult.

So now I’ve found a small free plugin for OS X called Afloat which performs this task[1] and many others too, including window transparency and making windows “always on top”. So thanks very much to Infinite Labs for creating this application, and hopefully other many fine products.

[1]: small caveat - it only works with Cocoa applications (safari, preview etc.) and not Carbon applications (Finder, iTunes)

tags: osx